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I really love my gold 6.5 inch Moshiko Shears. They cut really nicely and the ergonomics are very comfortable for my hands.

Lauren, Pennsylvania

I have been using Moshiko Shears since the start of my cosmetology career because I wanted equipment that would provide superior cutting and ergonomic structure. I specialize in precision cutting and compete in hair competitions both domestic and international. I need a scissor that is dependable every time and will provide that elite quality and finish that I expect and continue to pursue in every hair design I create. My motto is "Hair passion for your fashion." I will never turn down a challenge and my Moshiko Shears will never let me down. With Moshiko Shears, I am confident behind the chair, competing and performing high quality services that I am more than happy to back with my name and what I represent in the beauty industry. When one invests in a passion, success is ample with the right resources.

Nicole, New Jersey 

Hey just wanted to say thank you again from the bottom of my heart for selling me the scissors today for such a great price. You made me smile and I haven't done that in a week.  Thank you again for everything and when I reopen you'll be my scissor guy! Thanks for your kindness!

M.R. Flemington, New Jersey

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